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Discover a complete communications system using VOIP technology.

IP telephony: IP voice in the cloud for all

IP Telephony is defined as a telephone service that uses VoIP technology to make calls over the Internet and brings economic benefits such as reducing costs in maintenance and infrastructure and increasing productivity and mobility among others. Voice to phone offers an optimized telephone system. The latest technology is a communications solution.

Voice to Phone and Ip Telephony, your best allies


Everything you need for your unified communications and IP telephony is here, without complications or cumbersome processes. We offer the best all-in-one IP telephony solution for your communications inside and outside the company with the flexibility you need to achieve greater economy, mobility and productivity, but accompanied by the most advanced and convenient technology for you.



Ip Vs telephony Traditional telephony. Which is better?


Below we compare some important aspects of both telephony, you have the last word:

  • Voice quality: IP telephony and analog telephony have high Voice quality. It should be noted that IP telephony depends on the quality of Internet service and Analog depends on the conditions in which the cable is located.
  • Costs: Maintenance in IP telephony does not exist, and it is undoubtedly an important variable that translates into economy. The traditional one is more expensive because it has a physical infrastructure, technical personnel and maintenance to be able to operate.
  • Channel availability: IP telephony provides channels instantly, while conventional telephony requires a long process in terms of time and transfers.
  • Mobility: Because it is a service in the cloud, IP telephony has global use, and analog telephony depends on the wiring and location to be installed.
  • Delivery of the service: Delivering an IP telephony service is a question of minutes or hours, while the analogue would take days or weeks.

Voice to Phone is Flexibility and Reliability

We support the growth of your company quickly and easily according to each need, with flexible plans and without permanency clauses.
We have our own infrastructure located in world-class data centers with great capacity and high levels of security in the cloud with specialized personnel in Ip Voice technologies to provide you with the greatest support.

What phone services Voice over IP offers Voice to phone?

Voice to phone as a telephone provider Ip offers the following services:

Advantages of IP Voice telephony

  • The cost: Calling through VoIP Ip or Voip is much cheaper than in traditional telephony.
  • Mobility: Voice Ip telephony users can travel around the world and receive - make calls wherever they are.
  • Virtual Numbers: receive calls in virtual numbers regardless of the country of location.
  • Divert: Some Voip calls can be diverted to a particular number or sent directly to voicemail or to an email as mp3, using IP telephony.
  • Free calls: Voice telephony Ip allows free communication between users of the same network.